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Google Adsense Approval My Tips And Tricks | Get approved in 48 hours 2021 | Hindi

Google Adsense Approval My Tips And Tricks

Google Adsense, you all do a lot to take its approval. Whatever you use WordPress or Blogger.If you are applying for AdSense or you are getting frequent rejections. For some reason, you are having trouble getting approval. So here I will share some tips and tricks with you guys today. What things should you keep in mind before applying? his is my personal experience and if you follow it. After this, you are sure that the approval will definitely get under 48 hours. Because I got its approval under 48 hours. I have been receiving a lot of mail and messages since receiving approval. So today I am going to answer all your questions. So that you too can get the approval as soon as possible. Today I am going to share 10 points with you with approval. With which you will get a lot of help and after that, all your doubts will be cleared.


Point No 1. Google Adsense gives you approval on some selected languages. You must match the language of your website by clicking on the link given below. If your website is not in the given language. So no matter how much you try, you will not get approval. Here you have to take care of one thing more. Your website should be in one language only. You should never use any two languages ​​on your website.

For example – If your website is in the Hindi language, then you should not add the English language to it. And if your website is in the English language then you should not add the Hindi language to it.

Point No 2. Whatever your domain name is .com .net .org. .biz .me .life .. biz .today It doesn’t matter. Some people are spreading rumors on the Internet that you must have a top-level domain to take approval. there is no such thing, Whatever you have a top-level, low level, and country-level domain, you can get approval. Avoid such rumors, If you search on Google, you will find many such websites That have approval.

Point No 3. Your website design should be responsive. You can also call it user friendly or mobile-friendly. This means your website is open on any device whether it is a laptop computer, mobile, or tablet. The website must be load and open according to the device

Point No 4. Your website must be verified in Google Search Console and Google Analytics. And in addition, your website should also be indexed in Google search. You must check your website once before applying.

Point No 5. Your website should be SSL activated. For this, you should buy web hosting from a good place. And if you use Blogger then there is no need to take Tension. It is already activated in Blogger.

Point No 6. How much content should be on the website This is the most asked. How much content should be This depends on your website. What is your website category? If you post an article on your website, then you will need content on it. If your website is related to download then you can work with less content too. You will find many such websites on the internet. Those who have no content at all, yet they have received approval. But you must take care of one thing that whatever the content is, it is definitely unique on your website. These are some free tools online, with the help of which you can check the content of your website.10 to 15% duplicate content can okay. But having more plagiarism than this would be the problem.

Point No 7. If you are using any Google Adsense alternative on your website. then, first of all, you must remove it when you get approval then you can use it again.

Point No 8. Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us This 3-page is mandatory for any website. To take the approval of Google Adsense. The rest of the disclaimer and the terms and conditions are at your decision, You create or not.

Point No 9. You must pay attention to the navigation menu of your website. Always keep the website page menu separate from the post.

Point No 10. You should not add adult content, movies, or MP3 downloading content to your website. Nor add any harmful content. If you have a new website, then you should apply for google Adsense only after 20 to 25 days. Also, put 20 to 25 posts. And till you get approval, you kept posting posts on the website. Don’t worry, approvals get on zero traffic too.

If you follow these 10 points then you will definitely get approval under 48 hours.

For more details check out the Google Adsense Approval My Tips And Tricks video. This video is in Hindi language.

Google Adsense Approval My Tips And Tricks Video


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